Our mission is to create safer homes and neighborhoods by incentivizing homeowners to not have guns 

Help Us Create a Safe Home Credit


This inaugural campaign of the Safe Home Intitiative is to persuade the home
insurance industry in MA to offer a discounted policy rate to homeowners
without guns. We call this a Safe Home Credit. While we are starting with the
Massachusetts home insurance industry, our goal, with your help, will be to
make this a national movement.

A financial incentive – such as a discounted homeowner policy – is one way to
motivate people to remove guns from their homes or to never acquire one in
the first place. The home insurance industry provides these kinds of discounts
to families without other risks in their homes such as swimming pools,
trampolines and dogs. But not guns.

Help Us Create a Safe Home Credit

The Idea

The home insurance industry should consider a gun in the home a risk on par with swimming pools, trampolines, or aggressive dogs. As with these other in-home risks, available research shows a strong correlation between the presence of guns in the home and the risk of serious injury.

We argue that home insurance companies should provide a rate reduction - a “Safe Home Credit” - to homeowners with no firearms in the house, just as they do when similar risk factors (swimming pools, trampolines, or aggressive dogs) are removed from the home.

The plan is to create an “affinity” group of homeowners who don’t own guns (or are willing to remove their guns from their home) and use our collective buying power to convince at least one Massachusetts insurance company (hopefully more) to offer a “Safe Home Credit”. Insurance companies respond positively to affinity groups of potential customers.

In so doing, we will make a statement that keeping guns out of homes makes for safer homes and safer neighborhoods.

Our Case

homepage accidental fatalities graphic

Accidental Shootings

there are about 500 fatalities & nearly 85,000 annual injuries from accidental shootings

Guns and Suicides

having access to a firearm triples suicide risk, and 91% of attempts result in death

Guns and Homicides

a firearm in the home is shown to raise the risk of a homicide by thee times the normal rate


How It Works


an affinity group will be created

an affinity group is a group of people having a common interest or objective or acting together for a specific purpose

the goal?

a group of 3,000 dedicated individuals in Massachusetts willing to endorse the first leading home insurance company to offer a policy discount for a home without a firearm

this group will provide the collective buying power necessary to incentivize this policy discount

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Advisory Board

Bradley Neuenhaus
Edith Dabney
Jim Hood
Bob Knowles
Joe Knowles
Peter Kochenburger
Lauren Gonzales
Greg Gibson
Susan Weinstein
John Rosenthal
Zoe Grover
Kristen Moore
Sandro Galea
Cara Hutchins


our board is a dedicated a group of individuals committed to working with advocates, individuals & organizations to fulfill our mission

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